Week 4 Back On Track

Wow, this has been a crazy 2 weeks, one thing I said I didn’t want to do was lose my focus on MK, and I did.

But I’m back and I definitely feel better about that.  The funny part about this type of training of the mind as I call it is, when you do fall off the wagon so to speak it eats at your mind every day, at least it does to me. I would feel so guilty because I didn’t do the exercises I would try at night after the long days of working but would quickly fall asleep in my chair. Unfortunately that went on for the past couple of weeks.

Things have settled down now and I am back in focus again, it may take me a bit to catch up but I’m working it. The cool part about this is how we can switch our thinking just by talking to our subby, I noticed that the other day, as I was working my mind kept thinking about what I should be doing, that’s when the good guy kicks in and starts planting them seeds. Once we fully understand how to take control once and for all that will be awesome.

For now the “Main Thing Is The Main Thing,” stay focused, keep on track, and always be moving forward. One thing I have learned over the years is do not let anyone get in your way of your progress. Whether they think it is right or wrong it doesn’t matter, you believe in yourself, you think it is right, so keep it going strong for the new person you will become.

Now Let’s Go Tell The World.



Week 3 The Challenge Continued

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  This picture just goes to show how high we are flying with the Master Keys.

Here we are in week three of the Master Keys program, I have noticed a big difference in the way I am thinking now but I still find myself back in the old blueprint. This week especially, for some reason I fell off on my reading and was constantly trying to catch up.
What really amazes me is how that little guy just keeps getting in the way, I plan my day, and it doesn’t fail, something else would come up and I would automatically focus on that knowing I should be reading, working on my DMP or my blogs.

I have to say, I do feel guilty, as you can see I am writing it all down to make myself feel bad and overcome that voice. Someday we’ll all look back on these times and say wow we made it through the tough times now this is a piece of cake. I had a chance to sit quietly and think a few times this past week, what I came up with is to make sure I build my own confidence, stay focused on my reading and stay strong. Now that I am conscious about it that should drive me even more to success.

What also has helped me tremendously is reading other peoples blogs, it almost feels like you are all alone when things don’t go so smooth, but just reading another blog puts the icing on the cake that I am not alone, everyone has something of an issue so I don’t feel so bad.

My plan this week is to stay focused, do the exercises and eat well, we need to stay focused on who we are and what we can accomplish, that should be enough for now to quiet this little guy.

I Always Keep My Promises,

Michael Lembo

Week 2 The Challenge

This week has been a little challenging for me, the reading is going well but my DMP has me stumped. For some reason I am having a tough time with getting everything out of my head and into writing. Maybe it is because I have never done anything like this before that is holding me back.

The videos are great, packed full of fantastic information. What I really notice is all during the course of the day I find myself thinking about all the different information, especially the reading of the Scroll. It took me a few times reading it that it started to sink in, now as I read it I can almost feel the words penetrate deep into my mind.

What impresses me the most is as I move forward with my education I can see how most people get caught up in the everyday routine of mediocrity. I never realized how easy it is to form habits whether they are good or bad. But, the bad habits are very hard to break, it takes hard work and dedication to rid them forever.

That little voice in our heads is always active, he loves to talk you out of things you should be doing, and talking you into things he wants you to do. Just imagine, you set up your to do list in the morning, you start your day off full of energy knowing you are going to get everything done on your list, then all of a sudden that little voice starts, oh you can put that off for now and get to it later, and what happens, you agree with the little noise in your head and you put it off.

Then, one thing leads to another and he talks you out of a few other tasks that should have been done, now you have to add them to your list for the next day. That is what we call a bad habit, one that needs to be broken.

I say all this because this is what would happen to me, and it still does, but I’m learning to control that little voice now so it doesn’t happen as much any more. I’m looking forward to the day when I have full control of that little voice, that will be a day to celebrate big time.

Week 1

I have to say this Master Keys experience is by far the most down to earth training I have ever come across. This is only my first week or better yet my first time ever working with something like this. It definitely brings out many emotions that I never knew about. My only fear at this point is breaking these old habits, I’m so programed every day when it comes to checking emails and just surfing around not making any progress.

I’m hoping that within the next couple of weeks I can start reprogramming myself to focus on Master keys and the work I should be doing. I’m having a tough time with the reading right now, It’s ok in the morning I can get through it before work but lunch time I have 30 minutes which I can get through it if I start it on time. At night is the tough one, I get 1/4 way through and I fall asleep. I know what I have to do to get through this. it’s just a matter of me putting my mind to it and getting it done.

The class was pretty interesting, I didn’t expect it to be so intense, I have to say Davene, Mark and all the rest of the group, you folks put your heart and soul into this, I am really impressed. All in All, I am excited to be involved but also a little nervous, this is all new to me when it comes to writing blogs and reading things over and over. I know it is all good and I am ready to learn.

I like part 31 in the Master Keys: Every thought thereof is a cause and every condition an effect; for this reason it is absolutely essential that you control your thoughts so as to bring forth only desirable conditions.

Today I shed my old skin which hath, to long, suffered the bruises of failure and the wounds of mediocrity. First paragraph of the first scroll, wow does that say it all.